Callejera’s progress

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2011 by roadkroozer

It has been a good start of the year for me in actually getting down right greasy.  It all started with my tune up since my car had been running unsteady and I wanted to start with the basics.  I began with the spark plugs and spark plug wires . It was very exciting to do this since it was my first time doing it alone.  Next on my wrenching list was an oil change and I gave my four and two-year old a how to lesson.  They were very entertained watching the oil drip till the last drop. 

I still had time for my trunks seal removal. I began scraping all the old and hard rubber that had been there since 1965.  I  was kinda nervous…what if my trunk doesn’t close afterwards? I began putting the adhesive and I had my little girl helping me hold the new trunk seal.  There we were mother and daughter bonding. 

Sure enough after all was done the trunk would not close.  I quickly  called Dr. Destroyer AKA Lori.  We agreed to simply adjust the trunk latch so that it will close with the seal on.  It took a good 30 minutes to find the exact fit. I was ready to park my car on reverse and put a tire on top of the trunk and leave it for tomorrow but I attempted one last time and that did the trick.  All I was thinking was Christine the part of the movie where Arnie tells her “SHOW ME”. 

I had successfully accomplished two things yay!!!!. Monday came around and I had to tackle the air modulator line which was way to close to my exhaust pipe there was a  tear on the top of the line where it connects to the exhaust manifold.  I did not have a clue how to do this.  I got under the car and inspected ok there is the line and that is how it runs. Working without jacking it up would be impossible no room for arm movement DARN!!! I have no jack or stands…I had to finish this job that same day.  I called Kristin and she suggested go to a near by shop and see if they can lend me one… duh!!  why didn’t think of that? Then I though what about my neighbors?…I was given a small jack, whatever!!           a jack is a jack. It gave me enough room to work.  It was not far till I came across a conflict.  The old line was screwed onto the adaptor I needed…ugh sucks!! I tried to unscrew it but nothing,  I took the walk to the auto zone to try to find a new adapter….nothing. Luckily one of the Auto Zone guys unscrewed it for me and problem solved.  I got home screwed it back on, turned my car on,  shifted gears and I was done.  Car repairs aren’t easy unless you have the right tools and the right attitude.